Welcome to the Kupboard!

Hi there! First I want to introduce myself, my name is Kristen and I like to consider myself the most relatable person, that is, just an average girl living an average life trying to make it through this crazy world.

By day I am a 25-year old corporate consultant, who as a result of the pandemic, is permanently working from home. The shift from 100% travel based job to "I leave my house once a week to get groceries" life I had to find something to keep myself from going crazy. I turned to baking, cooking, and becoming a home maker to keep my sanity in check. I purchased my home back in September 2020 and went into full-on home maker mode, making nearly everything from scratch, ice cream, jam, bread, pasta, and so on. I even became a crazy plant lady, I'm pretty sure I have over 100 plants in my tiny 1,000sq.ft. house. I'm not an expert in anything but I realized it sure is fun to try to be.

Currently it's just me and my adorable puppy, Georgia. I rescued her from the side of the road during a visit to the state of Georgia, hence her name. I brought her back to Michigan with me and she's been driving me crazy ever since! But she's so cute that you can't be mad at her for long. I promise there will be more adorable photos of her to come!

Over a year later from purchasing my home, I've decided to jump head first into developing a business and blog to share my favorite recipes, home maker tips, and sell home goods that I love, and some I even make myself. I'm hoping through this blog you can find some solace in the fact that I am far from perfect in anything I do and that you can relate!


The Relatable Chef and Home Maker


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